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Have you ever wondered about the life of a writer from a reader’s perspective? Are we eccentric? Bizarre? Exist on coffee? Always thinking story? Have no clue about math concepts? Then this is the place for you to see the world through my eyes as I share both the humorous and the serious side of me—the writer, the wife, mother, and grandmother.

In short, this is not about writing but about friendship with you.

2015 looks like a busy year. I’ve decided “choose joy” will be my mantra for the good times and when the valleys threaten to pull me down. I believe joy is a constant decision to rejoice in the delights and the challenges of life. What can I learn? How will unpleasantness cause me to grow closer to God? How will this enrich my life or others?

Resolutions and goals are hard to maintain. (Have you broken your new diet or exercise plan?) But a carefully chosen word or short phrase can make all the difference in your attitude.

What about you? Can you be determined to add joy to every moment of your life?

Choose Joy In 2015!

Choose Joy In 2015!

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