Usable or Useless

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

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clutterThe first of every year finds me cleaning, tossing, and organizing that which is no longer usable in my life. In short, I get rid of the junk.

Sometimes it’s easy to choose what isn’t worth keeping, especially when I evaluate physical items cluttering my space.

1. Why did I keep this hat?


2. I need to donate this blouse. My personal guideline is if I haven’t worn it for a year, someone else needs it.

3. No point in keeping this stack of papers when I have the information in a file online.

4. Can’t find what I need in my pantry. Time to reorganize.

5. My desk is covered with to-do notes that need to be completed and eliminated.organization

Other times, the process is difficult when a bad decision has the potential to create havoc.

1. Is my reader’s blog unique, interesting, or do I need more  _______ ? (fill in the blank).

2.  How many writer conferences should I attend in 2016?

3.  How many writer conferences to teach or speaker invitations should I accept in 2016?

4.  Am I spending enough quality time with my husband and family?

5.  Am I spending enough quality time with my friends?

6.  Am I keeping God first place in my life? bible-

7.  Is my quiet time spiritually deep enough?

8.  When my latest book is completed. Do I send it to my editor or read it through one more time?

9.  How many fiction and nonfiction books should I be reading per month?

10. Am I spending too much time being unproductive?

Readers, I’d love to hear your process of deciding if something is usable or useless. And you can help me with one of my dilemmas: what would you like to see in my weekly blog?

Tweet this: Usable or Useless




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