The Reading Challenge for 2023

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Reading and goal setting are two topics that nibble on my 2023 New Year’s plans. I weave both to include fiction and nonfiction books. Goodreads encourages its members to expand their minds by issuing a challenge. I’ve accepted their reading challenge for years.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a reading challenge?

Advantages of a Reading Challenge

  1. Build concentration.
  2. Create creativity and imagination skills
  3. Develop a means of entertainment.
  4. Educate the reader on a variety of books and topics.
  5. Encourage healthy competition, either singularly or with others.
  6. Encourage involvement in a book club.
  7. Explore new genres.
  8. Explore a new hobby.
  9. Improve job performance.
  10. Improve relaxation and lessen stress.
  11. Increase productivity in work and play.
  12. Increase the reader’s vocabulary and interest.
  13. Inspire the reader to improve communication skills.
  14. Inspire creativity.
  15. Introduce ourselves to new writers.
  16. Learn a new task.
  17. Learn how others live and thrive in different cultures.
  18. Learn to value solo projects.
  19. Make friends with other readers.
  20. Pleases writers!
  21. Read new books by favorite writers.
  22. Set and maintain goals.

Disadvantages of a Reading Challenge

I couldn’t find any reason not to read, but some people might say:

  1. Could damage eyesight. (So will watching TV or using electronic devices.)
  2. Discourages social interaction. (I disagree. Readers have more to contribute to conversations.)
  3. Requires money. (Libraries don’t cost a thing.)
  4. Takes time. (Even doing nothing requires time.)

What about you? How do you feel about a reading challenge? What is your reading goal for 2023?