The Life I’m Living

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The Life I’m Living and the Life I’m Observing
I’m a lot like you. Average in so many ways. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, neighbor, friend … and writer. Perhaps the last descriptor is what makes me different from most people. Yet the life I’m living and the life I’m observing are much the same.

I write suspense. That means I look at the world through the eyes of my imagination—and possible crime. Nothing is ever as it seems. People, events, situations all have the potential to leap onto the pages of a book. Story ideas jump at me like mosquitoes in summer. I hear part of a conversation twist it into a crime or a victim’s response. I see people interacting and wonder if someone is in danger. I focus on media reports, and “what-if” sparks a story idea.


Crime is all around us – unfortunately.


I also believe in national and worldwide awareness. One doesn’t need to be a media junky to understand what is going on in the world, country, state, and local news. Developing a habit of diving into real happenings makes me a concerned citizen of this planet—and a better writer. When I talk to those in the world I’m living, I want to contribute to the conversation. When I write in the world I’m observing, I need accuracy.





My participation in the FBI Houston’s Citizens Academy has helped me blend the life I’m living and the life I’m observing. During seven weeks of seminars that showed the role of an FBI special agent and the various departments that prevent and solve crimes, I learned what goes on while the rest of us are busy with our own lives. Wherever I go, whether it’s the grocery story, the mall, church, or the Post Office, I’m more aware of people and their surroundings.

Now my family, friends, and neighbors do view me as a little quirky. I’ve also heard eccentric and bizarre. But I don’t mind those labels since I’m having fun. My husband often warns people to be careful what they say because it might end up in my next novel. And I hear the best dialogue at restaurants. Between my active imagination and the world around me, I’m creating stories for others to read.

Blending everything about my life makes me a better person and writer. How do you blend your personality with how you live life?

Tweetable – Latest From DiAnn’s Desk – The Life I’m Living via @DiAnnMills #WritersLife (Click to Tweet)