Questions to Ask Before Getting Old

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

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I don’t recall taking a class in high school or college about what to ask myself before getting old.mountain-sheep-170360_1920

Psychology courses gave the textbook approach to ease our fears: this is what happens to the aging mind; what is lost, and what is retained. Frankly, I didn’t pay attention. I never thought it would actually hit me.

But it has.

At least that’s what my birth certificate, driver’s license, and voter registration claim. I have to keep track of those documents, but I refuse to carry an AARP card. Call it vanity. Call it pride. Call it whatever you want because I understand age is a state of mind. Or denial.

Lucky me—I even get discounts at some businesses due to my . . . age.

Here are a few things I wished I’d known before climbing the ladder called life.

  • Why didn’t anyone tell me it would take so much more exercise to keep my body in shape?
people on bikes

Keep strong and pedal on!

  • Why didn’t anyone tell me that it doesn’t matter how many reps of weights I lift, I still have flabby arms.
  • Why didn’t anyone tell me the extra brownie added unsightly pounds immediately?
  • Why didn’t anyone tell me some people believe age equates to loss of hearing? I don’t need to be screamed at.
  • Why didn’t anyone tell me that grandkids are so adorable but incredibly blunt? Hint: Keep a journal of their cute sayings.
  • Why isn’t there a hip brand of clothes for women who want to dress fashionably without looking like a thirty-year-old single? My legs are not pretty.
  • Why does it take a multi-magnifying mirror to put on make-up? Can’t be my eyesight because the extra view makes the lines in my face look like plowed fields.
  • blindWhy didn’t anyone tell me I’d need a gold mine to pay for the multi-vitamins and minerals necessary to keep me fit? It’s not working like the ads state.
  • And why didn’t anyone ever tell me how much fun it is to write books?

We can’t stop the aging process, but we can be nutritionally healthy and most of us can exercise providing we are physically able. We can also laugh at ourselves. A lot.

How do you handle the aging process? Do you have a favorite tip?

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