Nine Things NOT To Do When Tired

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

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Two weeks ago, I returned from a writer’s high: I taught at a conference and afterward was typewriterEdie Melson’s guest. For six days we worked on a book project titled The Author Roadmap – Navigating the Social Media Highway. Oh, every moment of the 8 days was thrilling. Nothing I love more than helping other writers and digging into a new project. When I wasn’t working on that book, I put the finishing touches on my next novel, which is due March 1. But when I came home, the introverted part of me demanded rest and naps and no conversation. Poor husband, but he knows my habits.

So I developed Nine Things NOT To Do When Tired. Maybe you can relate.

dishwasher1.  Don’t put your cell phone in the dishwasher. The charger isn’t there.

2.  Don’t attempt to cook because the results end up in the garbage disposal.

3.  Don’t look at the mail piled on your office chair. It will make you cry.

4.  Don’t think you can jump right back into your normal exercise routine. Your energy is depleted.

5.  Don’t leave your suitcase packed. Unload it as soon as you get home to eliminate yet another reminder of an undone task.

6.  Don’t think about staying home from church. Trust me, you’ll need God’s perspective on getting back on track.

7.  Don’t skip the naps.

tired8.  Don’t attempt to edit. Sleep first.

9.  Don’t forget to thank those who made the trip possible.

What about you? Do you have advice for those who are exhausted?

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