The New Year’s Bucket List

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

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This blog is for those who hate the idea of making resolutions. I have a better idea. Why not make a Bucket List for 2016? That certainly sounds more fun than trying to lose weight, exercise more, and resolving bad habits while establishing new ones. Boring!bucket-list-734593__340

A bucket list allows us to dream.

To laugh.

See life through the eyes of a child.

And make it happen.

I used to have writing a novel on my bucket list, then my husband dared me to do it. That was a lot of books ago. Proof that attempting our most cherished dreams can bring them to life.Screen Shot Expect an Adventure

One of my aspirations was to develop my own “Expect an Adventure” mug – and I did.

Another aim was to create an “Expect an Adventure” journal for my readers to record their own adventures. The journal is at the printers.

A secret love was to roast my own brand of coffee beans. I’m working on it!

Still in my bucket list is: zip lining, parasailing, and a country home with a wraparound porch.


Oh, and the biggest thrill is finishing a middle-grade novel with my nine-year-old granddaughter. We’re half way through!

So right now, this very minute, grab pen and paper – make that a pencil so you can erase – and get started.

What is the one feat you’ve always wanted to attempt and be successful?
What is necessary to accomplish it?
Develop a plan and begin – now.

What is the one place you’ve always wanted to visit?
What is necessary to accomplish it?
Make a plan and begin  – now.

What is the one hobby you’ve always wanted undertake?
What is necessary to accomplish it?
Make a plan and begin – now?

What is the one dynamic statement you’ve always wanted to say to the person you love the most?
What is stopping you?
Take a deep breath and move ahead.

Are you brave enough to share your bucket list?

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