Leap Year Fun

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Every four years Leap Year jumps onto the calendar with an extra day to—experience. The Internet is packed with fun activities to commemorate the day, so I ceated my own list of potential ways to celebrate.

To leap means to jump or rush into something new. With that mindset, let’s brainstorm a few new and unique ways celebrate Leap Year 2024.

What can you do in 29 minutes?

  1. Start a new exercise program that lasts 29 minutes.
  2. Limit your time on social media to 29 minutes.
  3. Tackle a job or chore you detest but only for 29 minutes.
  4. Write a poem in 29 minutes.
  5. Sketch or paint a picture in 29 minutes.
  6. List possible new vacation spots in 29 minutes.
  7. Love shopping at that special store? Do it but limit yourself to 29 minutes.
  • Or spend only $29.00.
  • Or purchase only 29 items.
  • Or take 29 friends with you.

Enjoy a Leap Year movie. The following movie hits repeat at my house, and it doesn’t have to be Leap Year to enjoy it.

Most of the Leap Year books I found are for kids. But they are fun! Imagine waiting four years between birthdays.

Get down on one knee and propose to the man of your dreams. And if you’re already married, then drop to your knees and propose a romantic getaway.

Host a party. Invite 29 guests and each one brings a dessert for 29 special treats.

Join in a game of leapfrog – if you’re fit!

Name 29 states in 29 seconds.

Set goals for the next 4 years. Write them down to check on the next Leap Year.

Tackle 29 push-ups, 29 sit-ups, and 29 touch your toes.

Write a letter to yourself to open on  Leap Year 2028. 

I’m all out of ideas. What about you?

How are you celebrating Leap Year? Please share!