Inside Out

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The latest animation craze is Inside Out from Disney PIXAR. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is an amusing insight into the various emotions of a little girl. She’s hit with anger, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust, happiness, and contempt. Each emotion is a character, and its temperament is reflected in its color. She experiences every one of the emotions, and each vies for attention. For adults, the movie entertains us with an additive of sobering truth.



Which brings me to the subject of change. I’m all about evaluating change, and if it’s positive then I need to embrace it. If the consideration is nothing good for me or mankind, I’m shoving it out of my way.

But if I need to make some serious adjustments in my life, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, those perspective developments need to come first as a conscious decision—into my heart and processed with my head. Spontaneous actions are a lot like spontaneous combustion—the best of intentions blow up in our faces. The resulting emotions are not pretty and we resemble the unflattering characters in Inside Out.

So here are four ways to help make a positive change.


  1. Evaluate the situation thoroughly. Explore the pros and cons of adding this new behavior to your life.
  2. Put pen and paper to what you want to do differently. Place it in a prominent place where you can view it daily. Is this an engine additive to my life?
  3. Put the change into practice for thirty days. Journal your findings.
  4. At the end of thirty days, evaluate your progress.

Change begins on the inside and works its way out. If we refuse to act without knowledge, our decisions will devalue and diminish us.

Here’s an opportunity for you to view the trailer for Inside Out.

Inside Out Trailer Image


Let me know how you approach change.




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