Expect an Adventure with God Devotional

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

What do we expect in an adventure with God? I like the idea of fun, laughter, peace, good health, and simply no worries. While those times are blessings, we also have moments in our lives when we need to take a deep breath and focus on God. Challenges may be painful but they can also strengthen us.

Expect an Adventure with God is a 9-Day devotional I wrote that uses the acronym A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E. to guide you in growing closer to God.

  • A – Accept the Call
  • D – Dedicate Your Life to Prayer
  • V – Vibrate Your Faith
  • E – Enter His Gates with Praise!
  • N – New Life
  • T – Tears
  • U – Understand
  • R – Rest
  • E – Eternal

It would be my honor for you to have a free copy of this devotional for your own personal use and to share with others. Click here for a free PDF download of EXPECT AN ADVENTURE WITH GOD

Blessings in your adventure and as you explore your relationship with God in the days ahead.

What have you found that helps you grow in your relationship with God?