Embracing the Seasons of Life

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

We are all living a unique season of life, but are we embracing the events and circumstances around us? Good times when health, wealth, and peace surround us can give us a lift in our walk. We smile and optimism rules the day. Then when a season punches us in the gut, it’s tough facing a critical doctor’s report, loss of income, and then we turn on the news. I’m still waiting for the media to choose a positive and cheerful outlook. Perhaps when God’s Good News is universally accepted.

When I think about embracing seasons of change, I look at David from the Bible. He journeyed through more ups and downs than I ever hope to face.

As the youngest of seven brothers, David worked the difficult and lonely job of a shepherd. He protected the sheep and improvised ways to keep them safe from predators. Then the prophet Samuel anoints him king of Israel.

That’s a good thing!

David goes back to tending sheep. Boring, but he could dream.

What happened to his kingship?

David plays the harp for King Saul. The boy is in the palace, living like royalty.

That’s a good thing! 

David slays the giant Goliath and becomes a national hero. With the help of God, he’s a fighting machine.

That’s a good thing!

Saul is jealous of David, yet the king gives him Michal in marriage.

Not the best season but okay.

David enjoys a wonderful brother-type friendship with Jonathon, Saul’s son.

That’s a good thing!

Saul’s jealousy grows and seeks to kill David. Now David must flee for his life. He gathers a bank of fugitive followers and becomes a type of anti-hero.

Not the best season. 

David rises to King of Israel. He captures Jerusalem and establishes his kingship. He never loses sight of God’s provision.

That’s a good thing!

David should have been leading his troops into battle, but he stayed home. The result is an affair with a married woman Bathsheba. David is guilty of murdering her husband. Consequences are hard.

Not a good season.

David faces family strife, and Absalom rebels against him. David flees Jerusalem for his life. Later Absalom dies.

Not a good season

David wants to build a temple for God, but God chooses Solomon. David instructs his son on the ways of God and the temple construction.

That’s a good thing! 

David dies leaving a legacy of following God’s heart and returning to Him when sin invaded his life. Many Psalms are attributed to David and show his heart for God.

Seasons of life are there for all of us to walk. We welcome the mountaintop times and crawl through the shadows. I believe in embracing life and the obstacles that force us to grow into better people. What about you?