Coffee – The Overflowing Cup

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coffee girlIf there’s such an organization called CSA, Coffee Snobs Anonymous, then I’m a prime candidate. Nothing beats a superb cup of dark roast coffee. No cream. No sugar. Just good fresh roasted brew.

My interest occurred began at the age of twelve when I asked to drink coffee like my parents. My mother said yes, but I had to drink it just as she did—black. Even then my stubborn tendencies often got the best of me, and so I agreed. They drank instant. Bad. Really bad. But I refused to admit the dark, hot liquid was . . . less than best.

coffee-old fashionedAs I grew older, I pushed aside the instant granules and began the process of searching for the best ground coffee. Pardon my age, the choice of coffee brewers then was the percolator method. Later the Mr. Coffee makers came into the picture. Picky didn’t describe my search for the beans that roasted into a rich flavor with nutty tones.

Then I graduated to grinding my own beans, and another search began for the best quality according to my tastes. Now I value a few brands and types, and it’s difficult for me to try others. Starbucks Kenya brand is amazing. Kauai Coffee’s Estate Reserve Peaberry is delicious, so are Nespresso VirutoLine capsules, especially the Stormio and Elvazio flavors.

coffee blackI prefer a Bunn coffee maker. Although I’m constantly looking for the best machine. For variety, a French press is a taste treat.

Now I’m researching methods and types of beans to make my own blend. This is slow, because I know I’ll make many mistakes, and I want to study each type of bean, method, and resources. Yet, this is so fun! I plan to call my blend – Expect an Adventure. Like, what else would I call it?

For thcoffee-grindose of you who are thinking about home roasting, I suggest visiting The information is incredible, and for the coffee enthusiast, it’s addictive.


What kind of coffee do you prefer?


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