9 Ways to Pack Light and Smart for Your Next Trip

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

This is the season to travel. Tourist attractions, family celebrations, and new adventures are calling us. We might be headed for a weekend excursion or a lengthy trip, but the thrill is the same. Over the years, I’ve simplified my packing method, and I’d like to share with you 9 ways to ensure your next trip meets expectations with a smart plan for taking just what you need.

Here are 9 ways to make packing for your trip headache free—so you’ll have more fun.

  1. Store a trip-bag of toiletry items in small containers that are handy for you to grab at a moment’s notice. Ensure these are always full and ready to go. This is a huge help when you have a list of to-do items before leaving town. Large bottles take up way too much room, and the goal is to pack light and right.
  2. Ensure your trip bag of toiletries contains a medicinal day-to-day container so you don’t miss a single dose. I encourage you to include three extra days of medicines, vitamins, and supplements in case your trip is delayed returning home. Or maybe you splurge on an extra day or two and lack of meds shouldn’t stop you.
  3. Tuck important items into your carry-on in case luggage is lost—makeup, extra set of clothes, meds etc.
  4. Select outfits and accessories to mix and match with others. Basic black, white, and navy blue go with anything. Also consider travel knits.
  5. Choose a pair of shoes that go with everything. I know we women love our shoes but think about how much they weigh. Okay, what about just two pairs?
  6. Pack each day’s outfit with accessories inside a 2.5-gallon plastic, Ziplock bag. Now (don’t laugh) sit on it to release all the air, then zip it up. See how easily it lays flat in your luggage? The good news is when you open the bag, most wrinkles are nonexistent. Everything is right there to ensure you look the best for the day.
  7. Trip tip! Identify your luggage with something colorful like a scarf or tag. What’s yours needs to stay yours.
  8. Organize your luggage to head home. Sort your dirty clothes according to color. Remember those plastic bags you used to pack for the trip? Fill them up with clothes that are washer-ready. Yes, sit on these to seal them.
  9. Enjoy the whole experience!

Simplify your packing by making sure you have only what you need. This ensures you have room to do a little shopping!

Are you ready to plan your next getaway? What packing tips can you share?