7 Habits of a Highly Productive Reader

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Readers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some prefer short nonfiction pieces while other readers reach for book length. Fiction readers select type and genre of stories according to their taste and whim.

Avid readers devour one book after another while many prefer to linger on each word.

Word lovers highlight and underline passages that excite them.

But what criteria make a reader productive? For certain it doesn’t mean age, gender, type of reading, or if the process is done fast or slow.

The following are 7 habits of a highly productive reader.

  1. A productive reader processes what is read for value. Everything read has a purpose: to entertain, inspire, encourage, inform, and/or educate.
  2. A productive reader applies worthwhile information to life. Every moment of our lives is filled with potential for enrichment.
  3. A productive reader often donates a completed book to another person or organization. We are a culture that places sentiment on books given to us or signed by the author. That’s great! But contributing to the reading of others is an investment in someone’s view of the world.
  4. A productive reader records finished books and adds a brief statement of what the book is about. This helps to make an informed recommendation and in selecting subject matter for future titles or those written by the same author.
  5. A productive reader discusses what has been read. Conversations about books is an invitation to step into another reader’s mind. All benefit in the exchange of opinions and views.
  6. A productive reader challenges his/her habits to select different types of books. We live in a diverse world, so why not be diverse in our reading?
  7. A productive reader admits when a book isn’t their preference and puts it aside. Don’t be afraid of not finishing a book or short piece that doesn’t appeal to you. There are many books out there awaiting your attention.

Productive readers introduce new concepts into their lives by exploring the world of fiction and nonfiction.

What about you? What habits enter into your reading?




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