5 Ways to Stay Upbeat During the Winter

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Sometimes it’s hard to stay upbeat during the winter. The excitement that started in October and ended January 1 is over, and we step into a New Year with our lives resuming a type of normal. Whatever that is.

We try to deny or compensate for the weather bringing us down. But those bleak doldrums pop up when least expected. Experts say the lack of sunshine can affect our brains based on heredity where we live, and our brain’s chemistry.

Here are three warning signals that we can consider when the outside threatens to bring us down.

  • The bleakness of the weather is depressing. Some of us live where snow and ice take over the scenery. Some of us live in the South where the sun refuses to shine during January and sometimes into February.
  • The thrill of approaching holidays and the celebrations fill us with a special child-like joy. We want to hold onto it, but the decorations and parties are over.
  • We read so many evergreen topics about diet and exercise that no matter what we did or didn’t gain, our bodies look horrible … bringing us to a point of low self-confidence. All we really want to do is eat and sleep.

But we can be overcomers and survive the quandary of winter blues, and here are 5 ways we can claim victory.

  1. Recognize the signs of depression and pray for divine guidance.
  2. Prepare a list of activities to make the weeks brighter. Think about rekindling a hobby or developing a new one. This could be the perfect opportunity to take a class at a community college, join a book club, pamper yourself with a spa treatment, embrace an art class, read a new genre, plan a vacation, redecorate a room or rooms, and the list goes on. Organization appeals to me, but it may not be a perk for you.
  3. Schedule a regular time to get outside. Experts suggest 30 minutes in the morning—starting the day right. If you are living in snow country, enjoy it. If you are like me and live in Houston, schedule walks and defy the lack of sun.
  4. Volunteer at a school, hospital, church, veterinary clinic or another venue. The best tip to battle the winter blues is to think about others. Focusing on another person’s needs occupies our heart, mind, and body.
  5. Consider a trip that rejuvenates, relaxes, and refreshes your attitude for the rest of winter.

Fighting the winter blues isn’t easy, but we can do it. What is your tip for maintaining a positive outlook during this time of year?