13 Fun Ways to Endure Winter

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

By now many of you have had your fill of winter. The white stuff is pretty, ice glistens, but green is much more appealing. So how can we endure the blah of winter until the spring thaw pushes new growth through the earth?

Take a look at the following ways to help you through the cold days of winter.
  1. Decide to appreciate winter. It is breathtakingly beautiful, a season when the ground beneath our feet is sleeping so it can later paint our landscape in vibrant colors.
  2. Concentrate on reading. Books open worlds of adventure and opportunity. We can experience a story and be a hero or heroine. Books allow us to learn something new about the world or ourselves.
  3. Explore a hobby. While the cold breathes ice on our windows, we can dive into an old hobby or develop a new one. What about photography? We have a winter wonderland at our fingertips.
  4. Research a vacation. Where have you never been but would love to visit? Map out the journey. Would you travel by car, plane, train, bus, or a cruise ship? Or a mix?
  5. Plan a dinner party(s). This could be an opportunity to be creative. Pick a theme and enjoy every moment. Perhaps a mystery dinner party excites you. No matter what is chosen, Pinterest can help every step of the way.
  6. Bundle up and enjoy the outdoors. Breathe in the fresh, crisp air; hear the snow crunch beneath our feet, and maybe you’ll grab a sled or ice skates.
  7. Determine to be nutritionally sound. Research ways you and your family can eat well to be healthy.
  8. Spend time with family and friends. Remember the fun during the holidays? Keep the momentum going. Treasure your relationships and consider establishing new ones.
  9. Volunteer for a worthwhile cause. While volunteering can be done anytime, now may be a good time to get started.
  10. Decorate your home. How exciting to fill long winter days with new colors and furnishings. On a budget? Again Pinterest is our friend.
  11. Take a class at a neighboring college or online!
  12. Begin a workout and commit to a year-round focus on staying in shape.
  13. Design a flower or vegetable garden. Or both!
No matter how we choose to spend our winter days, we can make them fun and something we can look forward to.

P.S. I have another thought! How about involving our kids or grandkids into writing and performing a play? Costumes can be as simple as opening our closet doors.

What winter tips can you offer?

DiAnn’s Library Corner

Library Tip: Patrons enjoy new ways to spend their time, especially in the winter when the days are mostly spent indoors. What ideas can you provide for those hours?

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