13 Characteristics of a Heroine

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

I’m writing the second novel in a new series titled FBI – Rapid Response Series, and my heroine is a tough gal. While working on her characteristics, I discovered strengths and challenges. Her strong points are designed to help her journey through difficult situations. Some of her weaknesses will become victory points as she learns how to overcome obstacles.

We are all involved in growth spurts: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Our challenges force us to establish guidelines and goals to become better people. My heroine will face problems that will strengthen or scar her. Maybe both. Just like you and me.

Here are 13 important characteristics that matter to my heroine.

  1. A heroine doesn’t need a man to rescue her.
  2. A heroine loves unconditionally.
  3. A heroine is proud of her femininity.
  4. A heroine is strong mentally.
  5. A heroine isn’t defined by social status.
  6. A heroine puts her own life on hold until a problem is solved.
  7. A heroine risks everything to keep people safe.
  8. A heroine refuses to accept age as a barrier.
  9. A heroine shoves greed from her DNA.
  10. A heroine takes care of her body.
  11. A heroine thinks of others before herself.
  12. A heroine recognizes evil and turns from it.
  13. A heroine values her faith in God.

Now it’s your turn to add to the list. From a reader’s perspective, what do you feel is critical for a woman to be called a heroine?

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  1. David Brownlee

    A woman does not disregard the need for a man in her life. Not that a woman needs rescued, but there should not be any animosity. We as men and women are not islands. Many times both men and women need rescued, nothing wrong with this.

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  2. Paula

    A heroine is self sufficient BUT knows how to ask for help if she needs it! Especially from a hunky guy that is her equal.
    A heroine knows when to keep things to herself when it could jeopardize another person. But knows when to repot things so as not to put herself or others in danger. She is trustworthy and can be relied upon.
    She makes well thought out wise decisions. But can think on her feet!

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