Getting Along with Difficult People

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Difficult people can make life miserable. Even to the point we can dread waking up in the morning. They seldom hide or avoid us; neither are they courteous. Difficult people can roam our homes, live next-door, be seated at a desk beside us, take the role of a boss, or simply pop up when we least expect them. Whenever we encounter difficult people, we must develop a coping strategy in order to survive.

CIA Operative Monica Alden, a character in my latest release, HIGH TREASON, was assigned as a bodyguard to a Saudi Arabian Prince. Not only does Saudi culture view women differently than the western world, Monica didn’t observe the same religion. She had nothing in common with the men or women and needed techniques to survive. Armed with determination, she set out to honor those who opposed her.

From Monica’s experience, I’ve captured ten ways to get along with difficult people.

  1. Respect the other person as a valuable human being. Rick Warren said it best, “It’s not about you.”
  2. Make a sincere effort to befriend the difficult person by listening to the complaint.
  3. Pray for the person. I’ve found it’s very difficult to dislike someone and pray for him/her at the same time.
  4. Establish boundaries in a way that is mutually beneficial.
  5. Keep a cool head no matter how irritated or frustrated you become.
  6. Find a way to eliminate stress. Physical exercise goes a long way to sweat the stress.
  7. Walk a mile in the other person’s shoes. We have no idea what made the person disagreeable. The person may need a friend.
  8. Toss the anger card down the sewer. Arguing with difficult people makes us a difficult person.
  9. Confront the other person when necessary with logic, reasoning, caring, and calmness for a possible solution to the problem.
  10. Ignore inappropriate behavior whenever possible.
How about you? How do you disarm difficult people?

DiAnn Mills

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