The Dance of Character and Plot

The Dance of Character and Plot
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: DM Publishing
Publication Year: July 2015
ISBN: 9780996300605
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About the Book

The Dance of Character and Plot

When a writer steps onto the page of a novel, a dance of rhythm and beauty begins. The writer is inspired to create story, and that passion unfolds onto the pages of a vibrant novel. Do you have a burning passion to pen a novel but don’t know where to begin? Have you been writing but your work still remains unpublished? Are you ready to take positive steps toward pursuing your dream of creating a polished novel?

Look no further! The Dance of Character and Plot by award-winning author and writing coach DiAnn Mills will show you how to write a novel from idea to self-editing. This step-by-step instructional guide is packed with clear and concise information, examples of techniques, and fresh exercises to apply to your writing project. You’ll learn how to: Create characters with distinct personalities Build the dynamics of setting Plot like a pro Understanding point of view Write sparkling dialogue And much more! Are you ready to stretch and begin The Dance of Character and Plot?

“To write is to feel the dance of your soul swirling in a dream that drips imagination onto paper.” ~DiAnn Mills

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