Breach of Trust

Breach of Trust
Series: Call of Duty, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Year: February 2009
ISBN: 9781414320472
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Paige Rogers, the kindly librarian of Split Creek, Oklahoma, has a secret. She’s a former CIA agent, the sole survivor of an attack on her team during a covert mission in Angola. Paige thinks that Daniel Keary, their leader at the time, caused the deaths of her friends. Knowing that someone wants her dead, too, Paige has stayed hidden in her quaint, quiet Oklahoma town for the past seven years.

But now, a stranger has come to town, and he’s asking a lot of questions. In addition to this, Keary has just announced his candidacy for governor of Oklahoma, and it’s time for him to finally destroy the major roadblock to his successful campaign – Paige.

This masterfully crafted suspense novel immediately hooks the reader with a pervasive sense of imminent danger. A real page-turner, Breach of Trust is the first book in Mills’ faith-based Call of Duty series.

Breach Of Trust is recommended for fans of the following:

  • Christian Fiction
  • Mystery & Romance Novels
  • Christian Book Series
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