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DiAnn Teaching 6-Week Online Workshop On The Dance of Character and Plot

September 4, 2017 - October 15, 2017

DiAnn will be teaching a 6 week online workshop with Savvy Authors based on information she’s compiled in a book with the same name THE DANCE OF CHARACTER AND PLOT.  The workshop will begin 9-4-17 and conclude 10-15-17.

To learn more and to register:  CLICK HERE

Online Workshop Description:

Rhythm, grace, and beauty describe a dance where two people move as one to music. They sway and whirl, bend and lift, and we are in awe of the performance. Perfection in fluid motion. We are entertained, inspired, and encouraged to be better people simply by watching the couple express the joy of their unique gift. Such is the art of writing a novel.

The dance of character and plot is a blend of unique steps that carry the reader away in an emotional dance. The choreography varies with the genre, mood, and setting of the novel.

Novels are about strong characters who have a problem to solve. And how they grow and change in the process.

Showing character in story means the writer weaves every literary technique in novel writing to show the character’s personality.

This 6 week course takes the writer on a journey of discovery. Each workshop shows the writer how to enhance characterization and plot through every step of creating a powerful story.

Online Workshop Syllabus:

1. Breathing Life Into Your Character
Showing characters who are real and unpredictable.
Character sketch.

2. Backstory
Character motivation. “If it matters to the character, then the character must earn it.” Roz Morris
How backstory fits with character and plot.
The value of backstory.

3. Emotion and Symbolism
Character motivation is driven by emotion.
Emotion is why readers turn pages.
How symbolism weaves with emotion.
How to use emotion in story.

4. Dialogue
Purpose – building tension
Non verbal communication.
Body language.

5. Plot
What is your story about?
Character drives story..
Stress, conflict, tension.
How to construct scenes.
Cause and effect

6. Self Editing for the Professional Writer
Tools to self edit.
Book passes.
Fighting the boo birds – critiques and rejections