You Know You’re a Suspense Writer When …

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You Know You’re a Suspense Writer When …

I love this topic. When suspense writers get together, discussing stories and plot twists keeps our adrenaline racing. We can talk about suspense for hours because we live it. Our friends and families (unless they’re writers) have no clue how our minds work or where we find ideas for our next suspense novel. The un-writers among us think we’re strange … Can you imagine that?

For example: my husband and I are driving into our subdivision. We see a neighbor has a roll of old carpet at the curb. Husband comments that this person has had new carpet installed. Not me. I’m wondering if there’s a body rolled up inside that dusty mess … Is it a man or a woman … How were they killed? … Why? … Does the killer think it’s a perfect crime? Then I spin out of control with characters and plot.

helpSee what I mean? So I’ve compiled a list of telltale signs so you’ll not be shaken when you’re in the midst of a … suspense writer.

You know you’re a suspense writer—

When you spend days planning the perfect crime.

When a stranger texts you an image in the middle of the night and immediately you think of a story about someone kidnapping your children—the image is proof.

When plotting a murder seems normal.

When you read the newspaper for strange stories you can spin to put your character in danger.

breakingnewsWhen the study of poisons is fascinating.

When you can’t close your eyes on a camping trip because you know a lion, bear, or killer is waiting for you to fall asleep.lionand prey

When you consult a weapons’ expert for ways to disguise a bullet.

When you wonder if the garbage bag discarded along the road contains body parts.

When the guy selecting apples at the grocery store looks like a serial killer.

When you’re in church and you can’t concentrate on the sermon because you left your heroine tied to a railroad track.

When you envision yourself as the hero!

warrior2If you fall into one of those categories, you might have the suspense writer virus! How about you?


Do you fall into one of these categories?


Tweetable – Latest From DiAnn’s Desk – You Know You’re a Suspense Writer When … via @DiAnnMills #WritersLife (Click to Tweet)