What Would You Give Your Family If You Won the Lottery?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

What would you give your family if you won the lottery? Let’s dream a little about winning a huge amount of money. Do we really know our family?

While our aspirations sound noble and unselfish, our intentions may have the potential to reach comedic or nightmarish proportions. My suspense writer’s imagination has just exploded onto the page! We can have a little fun here. Let your imagination run wild!

Take a look at the following story beginning when a well-meaning woman, whom we’ll call Claire, wins twenty-million dollars in the lottery.

Scene #1

Claire decides to give a portion of her winnings to her parents. They’ve always loved and supported her, and she wants to give them something they can use.

Scene #2

Claire makes the announcement during a family dinner in which her parents, two sisters, and brother are present. Her parents protest her generosity, and her siblings are speechless.

Scene #3

Claire learns her siblings are furious and have posted inappropriate comments on social media.

Scene #4

Claire attempts a discussion to resolve her siblings’ disapproval of her not giving each of them money. It starts well but ends badly.

Scene #5

Claire consults her in-laws about what to do. I’m not going to write what happened there …

Okay, reader, now it’s your turn. With all that’s gone wrong up to this point, how do you think Claire’s story should end? Leave a comment on this blog post with your story-ending. I’ll select from the comments below what I consider to be the top three endings and post them on my Facebook page (without the writer’s name) and ask my Facebook audience to weigh in and comment on which one is their favorite story-ending.

The most popular story-ending writer will receive their choice of a $35.00 Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Christian Book Distributor e-gift card. So Start Writing!