Utah Vacation

The Health Benefits of a Vacation

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Two weeks ago, my husband and I took a much-needed vacation. We sensed our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies required a change of pace for optimum health.

Some people prefer the ocean or a body of water to relax. Some (like me) prefer the mountains to hike and breathe in the fresh air. Others long for the big city like with all the exciting things to entertain us, and still others crave the peacefulness of a rural environment. Staycations are also a great option for some if you can turn off your devices and simply enjoy your home.

The national parks of Utah called to us from Houston, and we flew into Nevada to start a fabulous road trip.

Over eight days, we visited Bryce Canyon, Zion and drove Scenic Byway 12 through more changes of scenery than we could count, admiring different types of rocks reaching skyward. We enjoyed passing thru Capitol Reef on the way to visit Arches and the Canyonlands. We continued our journey by visiting the Natural Bridges Monument, and took a route that included 3-miles of dirt switchbacks called the Moki Dugway on the way thru Monument Valley, where we saw people sitting in the middle of the road reenacting where Forest Gump decided to stop running.

We wrapped up our trip touring the Colorado River’s Glen Canyon Dam that forms Lake Powell and drove to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim entry point at Jacob Lake Inn where we enjoyed some world-famous cookies. We were continually fascinated with the type and structure of the varied colored rocks in each park and the varied weather we experienced throughout southern Utah and northern Arizona.

The 5 health benefits of a vacation.

  1. To clear the mind of work-related topics. Often when our heads spin with concerns, we’re too overwhelmed to process logically. Give your mind a rest!
  1. To explore favorite or new spots and meet up with friends or make new ones. Many times when we’re home, we are so focused on work and home projects that we neglect exploring the beauty of this world.
  1. To gain spiritual insight. Freeing our hearts to listen, really listen to what God is saying provides deeper growth in our relationship with Him. For me, admiring nature and what God has created on His tapestry helps me to see His wonder and power.
  1. To rest and relax. All those aching back and neck muscles are due to stress-related issues. We want to feel and sleep better, and avoiding stressors accomplishes those very things.
  1. To reach new heights of awareness in my life’s purpose. This can be to establish new healthy habits or determine to get rid of old ones. We can take time to ponder ways of being more productive, creative, laughing more, and being better friends or family members.

What are your thoughts about the health benefits of a vacation? Where do you go to refocus physically, mentally, and spiritually?

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