Living With a Writer – From a Husband’s Point of View

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Curious about what it’s like to live with a writer? This week I decided to have my husband interviewed for his perspective. I admit waiting for his answers caused my heart to head into overdrive. How honest would he be? Would I have to eliminate him in my next novel? But his answers were fun to read.

Okay, Dean, be candid and give the readers your point of view.

Question: How long have you been married?
Answer: 24 years

Question: What attracted you to her?
Answer: Seeing her demonstrate a faith that anything’s possible with God.

Question: How would you describe your wife?
Answer: Living in a fiction world. Often!

Question: What is her most quirky trait?
Answer: Only one? How about three?

  1. Doesn’t like red meat. Says it makes her angry.
  2. A tad persnickety in the food arena. Can be a challenge when eating out.
  3. Can write about suspense scenes, yet if shown on TV, you’ll find her covering her eyes and asking if it’s over yet.

Question: What is the one thing you’d change about her?
Answer: God’s unique mold for her can’t be improved upon. . . I’m a smart man 🙂

Question: How do you two complement each other?
Answer: We balance each other’s emotions.

Question: Where do you two like to vacation?
Answer: In a cabin along Fall River between Estes Park near entrance to Rocky National Park.

Question: You help her with her writing — what do you do?
Answer: I’ve declared myself her Executive Director of Whatever She Needs 🙂

Question: What is your favorite book that she’s written?
Answer: All of them, of course 😉

Question: What would you like for her to write?
Answer: The next story God places in her heart and that she has a passion to share.

Thanks, Dean.

I appreciate him and all he does for me.

Readers – What question would you like DiAnn to answer?

DiAnn Mills

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