Living With a Writer – From a Husband’s Point of View

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Curious about what it’s like to live with a writer? This week I decided to have my husband interviewed for his perspective. I admit waiting for his answers caused my heart to head into overdrive. How honest would he be? Would I have to eliminate him in my next novel? But his answers were fun to read.

Okay, Dean, be candid and give the readers your point of view.

Question: How long have you been married?
Answer: 24 years

Question: What attracted you to her?
Answer: Seeing her demonstrate a faith that anything’s possible with God.

Question: How would you describe your wife?
Answer: Living in a fiction world. Often!

Question: What is her most quirky trait?
Answer: Only one? How about three?

  1. Doesn’t like red meat. Says it makes her angry.
  2. A tad persnickety in the food arena. Can be a challenge when eating out.
  3. Can write about suspense scenes, yet if shown on TV, you’ll find her covering her eyes and asking if it’s over yet.

Question: What is the one thing you’d change about her?
Answer: God’s unique mold for her can’t be improved upon. . . I’m a smart man 🙂

Question: How do you two complement each other?
Answer: We balance each other’s emotions.

Question: Where do you two like to vacation?
Answer: In a cabin along Fall River between Estes Park near entrance to Rocky National Park.

Question: You help her with her writing — what do you do?
Answer: I’ve declared myself her Executive Director of Whatever She Needs 🙂

Question: What is your favorite book that she’s written?
Answer: All of them, of course 😉

Question: What would you like for her to write?
Answer: The next story God places in her heart and that she has a passion to share.

Thanks, Dean.

I appreciate him and all he does for me.

Readers – What question would you like DiAnn to answer?

DiAnn Mills

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  1. Paula

    What a cute set of questions and answers! Sounds like you fit together well! When and where did you meet? Any kids? Grandkids? Where have you visited for research?

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      DiAnn Mills

      Hi Paula, we met at church in 1992. Actually, my youngest son introduced us. We have four sons, three grandkids. Research? Oh my, I’ve been to Sudan, Kenya, West Texas (that’s a funny) lots of states.

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