July 26 – National All or Nothing Day

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Today challenges us to dig out that one project we’ve put off forever. Not a chore or something dreaded . . . but the dream that steals our idle moments.

“Someday I’m going to ­_____________.” (Fill in the blank.)

* Climb a mountain
* Change a career
* Obtain a degree
* Move across the country or world
* Adopt a child
* Run a marathon
* Get healthy
* Learn a skill
* Skydive
* End an addiction
* Travel around the world

The list is endless!

What stops us from moving ahead? Fear—four letters that can paralyze us.

* Fear we’ll fail
* Fear we’re too old
* Fear we’re too young
* Fear we don’t have the skills or education
* Fear we’ll spend too much time on something that might not happen
* Fear our All or Nothing project will cost too much money
* Fear we might get hurt
* Fear we might get killed
* Fear others will laugh at us
* Fear we might never know the satisfaction of plunging headfirst into an All or Nothing project

Really? I could spend the next several hundred words debunking those fears. Instead, I will give you three tips to help you kick fear to the curb.

1. Commit to giving the dream or project your All.
2. Write out a plan and share it with an accountability partner.
3. Just do it! Don’t worry about the effort or if it’s difficult.

Here’s my personal story for all those who are petrified to attempt what might be impossible. I always wanted to write a book and seek publication. Oh, I’d write a story or book, then I’d destroy it for fear someone might find it and make fun of me. But one day my husband said to me, “Stop telling me that one day you’re going to write a book. Quit your job. I give you one year to get anything published. If you do, then you never need to go back to your old job.” I lifted my stubborn chin and took on the challenge. That was 89 books ago, and today my husband and I work together in the writing ministry. All because I acted on an All or Nothing dream.

Your turn! Take a moment to write your All or Nothing dream in a journal. Post a comment that you’ve braved forward. Share your dream if you like, but the important task is to do it!