Interview with Double Cross hero, Daniel Hilton

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Interview with HPD Officer Daniel Hilton

Today we’re interviewing Houston Police Officer Daniel Hilton, hero in Double Cross by DiAnn Mills on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Getting the job done

Getting the job done

Jimmy Fallon: So tell me, Daniel, how does it feel to be a leading man in a romantic suspense novel?
Daniel: These lights are really warm. How do you stand doing this night after night?

Jimmy grins: It pays big bucks. Is the uniform a little too much?
Daniel: I wear it every day I’m on the force.

Jimmy: Back to my question
Daniel: Oh yeah. Little nervous here. Yes, I’m a cop for Houston’s police department. I enjoy my job, keeping the folks safe.

Jimmy: But now you’re a superhero. I mean look at the case you cracked with super hottie Special Agent Laurel Evertson.
Daniel reddens: It was a task force with HPD and note felon Morton Wilmington provided insight into the team.

DiAnn Mills - Double Cross


Jimmy: How could you believe him, I mean the FBI pulled him out of prison?
Daniel frowns: I didn’t. Hard not to like him, but I couldn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him. Y’all should know what I mean. How many weird people have you hosted on your show?

Jimmy laughs: Too many. So back to Laurel. I hear you two are together.
Daniel: That depends on who’s asking.

Jimmy leans closer: Just between us guys, I’m asking.
Daniel: I made her an offer, and I’m waiting on her response.

Jimmy shakes his head: You proposed?
Daniel laughs and picks at a piece of invisible dust on his pants: If I told you then you wouldn’t read the book.

Jimmy gives him a high-five: Are you up for a little song?
Daniel startles: Me sing? With you?

Jimmy: Yeah. You pick the tune, and we’ll do it together.
Jimmy does a quick change into a police officer’s uniform.
Daniel nods: Let’s do it.

Jimmy and Daniel walk to the band. Lots of clapping: Okay, Daniel, what are we singing?
Daniel: How about Bad Boys?

“How do you think the two of them ended their routine to “Bad Boys”?

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