Inspiring Readers

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

I am a storyteller. My purpose is to create stories that engage and entertain the reader. I believe a story should breathe life into the reader with a message that helps navigate the unpredictable waters of life. Within the elements of my story, my characters, plot, dialogue, emotion, and setting together weave a message that inspires a reader to release the sails of doubt and confusion in their unsteady worlds. 

My message isn’t designed to promote a specific agenda in front of the reader, preach, or spout something I want readers to embrace. That approach doesn’t fall under the description of good storytelling; it falls under the oceans of propaganda. Readers aren’t fooled for long by misleading information. 

Instead, I reveal what my character learns or discerns while attempting to reach a goal or solve a problem. As my character achieves awareness of the world around him/her through a distinct personality, life experiences, and uniqueness, so does the reader who joins in the story’s adventure. That is my organic method of inspiring readers.

The character’s attributes woven with the reader’s traits create a means for readers to interpret the story and examine what can apply to their lives. It’s the reader’s choice and a challenge, one I hope they accept. I long for them to see areas in their life that need a fresh awakening—goals to achieve, dreams to fulfill, and commitments to live a better life.

The writer’s role is to develop the character, dive the character into an overwhelming plot, and record what happens. He or she stands at the helm, but the character steers the story’s direction. 

As a reader, what inspires you in a story?