February is National Library Lovers Month

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Join me in celebrating February as National Library Lover’s Month. Our libraries offer a variety of media to improve, educate, and entertain their patrons, and the best part is libraries are free. These sources of information create community and encourage social interaction with those whom they serve.

Types of Media

Our libraries began as a collection of books, a wealth of valued reading to share and enjoy for private individuals and later for the public. Today’s libraries continue the vision by offering books and e-books for all ages in various print and digital formats. We find films, music, newspapers, periodicals, maps, art, historical documents, and some have taken on a museum-like atmosphere.

Types of Libraries

Most of us are familiar with public and school libraries. Other types are focused on particular patrons: 1) academic libraries located at colleges and universities and 2) specialized libraries for unique business, military, medical, service, and science facilities.

How can we show appreciation for our libraries?

  • The best way to show appreciation is a simple “Thank you.
  • Encourage people of all ages to explore their public and school libraries not only for the media resources but also for the many ways the library builds a stronger community.
  • Financial support.
  • Donate supplies.
  • Offer to lead a group, instruct a class, or teach a skill.
  • Join in a local Friends of the Library Program.
  • Participate in library celebrations.
  • Take a librarian to lunch.

In the past, I was a church librarian. I understand the dilemma of raising awareness, adding patrons, encouraging members, and meeting their needs.

Librarians have a special place in my heart. To show appreciation, I have created a librarian pinterest board and a monthly e-newsletter with tips, suggestions, and ideas to assist in building their libraries. If you’re interested in receiving this newsletter, you can subscribe by, clicking here.

Do you regularly visit your library? What was one of your favorite experiences?