Ever Want to Strangle Your Co-Writer?

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

When Grace was 8 1/2 years old, I asked what she wanted me to write her.
She said, “I want us to write a story together.”
That took me by surprise. “Do you have a story idea?” I said.
“Yes. It’s about a little girl who finds a purple dragon egg, and she accidentally cracks it.”
I continued to ask more questions, thoroughly fascinated by her creativity.
“. . . and the little girl’s name is Arroah, not like a bow and arrow but spelled A-r-r-o-a-h.”
I knew I had a writer. “Okay, but if we do this, it’s a together project. I’m not writing your story and putting your name on it. I’ll teach you how to write fiction.”
She nodded while I thought this won’t last.

That conversation happened three years ago, and in May we released the first book in The Breckonwood Chronicle series, The Eye of Lariloth, a middle-grade fantasy. The process did take us a long time. Grace had priorities: school, church, extra curricular activities, family, friends, social time, and the book. But we didn’t give up!

In this video, we talk about the fun and not-so-fun stuff of co-writing a book together. But the frowns never outweighed the perks, and we’re so glad to offer our book to you.

Comment on our blog post and be entered for one of two personalized copies of The Eye of Lariloth.  The giveway ends on Saturday, June 30 at 12:00 PM CST.

Click on this link if you can’t view embedded video clip – https://youtu.be/TLPIsvuBzbs




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