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What is Double Cross about?

She put him in prison.
Now he’s their only lead in a deadly new case.
She worked tough cases in the past, but none that tugged at her heart more than this one. Can a reformed criminal be trusted to help solve the case, or will he lead them straight into a double cross?

The perfect novel for readers of . . .

Romantic suspense from authors like Dee Hendersen, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason.
Crime shows like CSI, Castle, etc.


What readers are saying . . .

“Mills takes readers on an explosive ride. The terror is all the more chilling because it could easily be a headline story on the nightly news, and Mills’s characters spring to life through their fears, strengths, and quirks.” – Booklist

“From the opening sequence that quite literally begins with a resounding bang, the story moves at a fast pace that will keep readers riveted until the climactic end. The cast of characters, including the villains, is diverse and well fleshed out, particularly given the widespread scope of the story. It’s great to see an intelligent heroine who’s actually able to showcase her smarts.” – Romantic Times

“The surprising identities and motives of those villains, and the growing trust between Taryn and Grayson, will keep readers turning pages in this fast-moving, intricately plotted thriller.” – Publishers Weekly

Library Journal named Firewall as Best Christian Fiction Novel 2014.

“[Firewall] was so fast-paced that I almost got whiplash! . . . This was an amazing ride! It was heart-pounding action from the first page, and it didn’t stop until nearly the end of the book. If you like romantic suspense, I highly recommend this one.” – Radiant Lit

“Mills’s writing is crisply transparent and filled with solid research and believable characters and a spark of romantic chemistry. The mystery-ridden maze of tumultuous twists and turns, suspects and evidence, difficult questions and half answers will rivet the reader’s attention.” – Novel Crossing

“DiAnn Mills always gives us a good thriller, filled with inspirational thoughts, and Double Cross is another great one” – Fresh Fiction


Tweetable – Latest From DiAnn’s Desk – #DoubleCrossBook #Giveaway! via @DiAnnMills (Click to Tweet)