Dear Reader, It IS about You – Giveaway

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

blogI love sending you a short blog each week. It’s my friend-time, a chance to show you how much I appreciate your support. My goal is to vary the blog topics so you’ll be entertained, inspired, and encouraged, much like when I create a story.

This blog is for you, and with that foremost in mind, I need to know your interests. Can you help me?

What kind of blog topics would you like to see?
  1. Food and cooking
  2. Fashion
  3. Makeup
  4. Faith
  5. Guest blogs
  6. My favorite authors
  7. Books that have changed my life
  8. The Writer’s Life
  9. My fav TV shows and why
  10. My fav movies and why
  11. Hobbies
  12. Other writer hobbies
  13. Guilty pleasures (what I do when life goes crazy)
  14. What expert blogs I follow?
  15. My fav Facebook pages
  16. My fav Twitter accounts
  17. An interview with my husband (you’d have to give me questions)
  18. How do I put my mind into the head of a character?
  19. How do I pick out a fiction or nonfiction book?
  20. Fav vacation spots
  21. Holiday celebrations
  22. Holiday recipes and decorations
  23. Your thoughts?
Each person who responds to this post with their top blog topics will be entered in a random drawing for a $30.00 Amazon gift card. Bring in the ideas! What interests you in a DiAnn Mills blog?

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