Christmas Chaos

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

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Lighting the kitchen mantle!

Thousands of people stormed the shopping malls for Black Friday savings, while my husband and I decorated our home for Christmas. With a full pot of coffee, Christmas music, and tons of excitement, we opened the many plastic bins containing our treasures for a memorable Christmas.





piano top

Decorating the piano lid

My husband trimmed the tree. He’s a bit of a perfectionist and so am I … so it’s best if we have separate decorating adventures. I let him take all the credit for a fantastic tree with twinkling lights and intricately placed ornaments.





The only snow I ever see in Houston is my snow village!

My kitchen floor was filled with the plastic bins, each one labeled with its contents and what room they belong. Unwrapping the special items was a thrill, taking me back in time to when the decoration first arrived in the Mills’ home.

I lifted a wreath from a round container and promptly placed it at the back door. While fluffing out each twig, it occurred to me it would look great hung at the front door. While carrying the wreath back through the kitchen, I continued to pull out greenery and straighten the red velvet bow. But I forgot about the many plastic bins in the middle of the floor.


I tripped and landed face first on the tile, dead center in the wreath. Confession time here, but I can be a bit dramatic.

I screamed.

Husband came running.

He picked me up from the waist, sorta like a dog grabs a puppy. Not pretty. Not comfy either.

I opened my eyes to a splotch of red on the floor. “Oh, no! I broke my nose for Christmas.” I was crying like a baby.

Husband laughed.

“This isn’t funny,” I said. I wanted to swat him, but he still had a grip on me.

“Look at the floor,” he said. “It’s not blood. It’s lipstick. You kissed the floor!”

living room

Merry Christmas from the Mills!

He was right. The only thing I hurt was my pride . . . and for certain he would never let me forget this Christmas decorating experience.

What about you? Have you ever made a hilarious fool out of yourself?

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