Celebrate Patriotism All Month Long

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Celebrate Patriotism All Month LongJuly4#1

Bring out the drum and fife! A nationwide celebration is heading our way.

America’s 239th birthday is July 4th. We celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, leisure, picnics, family reunions, parades, vacations, and just plain fun.

What a celebration!

statueoflibertyA tribute to the Statue of Liberty.

Lots of flag waving.american-flag-

Red, white, and blue – everything.

Hot dogs and watermelon.

A marching band plays tunes written by John Phillip Sousa.

We sing along to “The Star Spangled Banner,” “America the Beautiful,” “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” and a host of other patriotic favorites. Each reminds us of our country’s humble beginnings while we acknowledge others who’ve fought bravely for our freedom.


True accountings of how Frances Scott Key wrote our national anthem envision him waiting for the sun to rise to see if our flag still flew. We see Betsy Ross laboring over the thirteen stars and stripes, perhaps sticking her finger with a needle. The thought of George Washington encouraging his troops during that cold winter where so many died. Benjamin Franklin . . . Thomas Jefferson . . . brave people like you and me who lived during those perilous times.

How you commemorate the Fourth of July is truly special. I found this video on YouTube, and no matter where you live or who you are, it will make you smile and perhaps shed a happy tear.



Leave a comment on how you spend your Fourth of July and be entered in a random drawing with opportunity to receive my latest romantic suspense novel DOUBLE CROSS.

Tweetable – Latest From DiAnn’s Desk – Celebrate Patriotism All Month Long via @DiAnnMills http://bit.ly/1H1Sj4J #July4th (Click to Tweet)