Are You Purposed for Productivity?

By DiAnnMills @DiAnnMills

Guest Post by Linda Goldfarb @LindaGoldfarb

In 2020, many people lost their purpose or at least struggled with, “What do I do now?” I must admit, when my speaking engagements and theatre performances were canceled because of a worldwide pandemic, I struggled.

I recall leaning on my husband Sam’s shoulder. “What do I do now?”

“You do what you always do. Look at your options and get back into the race.” My husband’s reassurance inspired me to pivot and make it happen. After all, I’m a Mobilizer and that’s what I do.

Sam and I have opposite personalities. He’s a blend of Organizer Stabilizer and I’m a Mobilizer Socializer. Yet, despite our opposite personality styles, we’re both purposed to shine with productivity. We just shine in diverse ways.

The fascinating beauty of personality diversity is, no matter how you’re designed by God, He purposed you for productivity.

How Does Your Personality Shine?

The Stabilizer – Our keep-it-peaceful personality chooses a steady pace while remaining low profile. Not one to overreact in the midst of chaos, Stabilizers provide excellent team support, encouragement, and practical reasoning in conversations of the heart, home, and business.

The Organizer – Our everything-in-order personality chooses a detailed pace when approaching a project. Not one to interrupt a conversation, yet when invited to do so, Organizers share their elaborate knowledge of a well-researched subject and bring clarity to all discussions.

The Mobilizer – Our get-it-done personality chooses a direct path when tackling tasks. Not one to let grass grow underfoot, Mobilizers are quick to process, quick to act, and quick to complete a task for the betterment of every situation.

The Socializer – Our life-of-the-party personality chooses the engagement approach when encouraging others and gaining information. Not one to shirk from the spotlight, Socializers are eager to entertain and able to captivate attention with intriguing stories and engaging attitudes.

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So, where do you see your productivity shining through? Be assured. We all have strengths and weaknesses, along with positive and negative tendencies, yet we can still be productive by being ourselves. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Know Yourself and Change Your Life,


Award-winning author of the LINKED® Quick Guide to Personalities series, Linda Goldfarb equips individuals to identify the barriers holding them captive, improve their focus, and get the results they are seeking in their personal and professional lives. As an international speaker, board-certified personal development coach, podcasting host, and personality expert, Linda motivates and inspires her audiences into action.


Thank you, Linda!