Appreciating Ghost Ranch, New Mexico with Release of UNDER A DESERT SKY

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

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A race from danger . . . straight into the arms of love.

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Delve into the secrets of UNDER A DESERT SKY.

In 1935, Eva Fortier’s escape from danger leads her to the high desert of Ghost Ranch, NM. Meet Tahoma Benally, a Navajo doctor, bound by a promise and drawn to protect. Will love conquer the desert’s challenges? 🌵❤️ Explore a glimpse of history and romance in UNDER A DESERT SKY that’s blowing in on February 1, 2024. Kindle Ebook edition available for pre-order now, Softcover will appear on Amazon release day.

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Now, let me recount the moment that sparked the writing of UNDER A DESERT SKY. . .

My first adventure at Ghost Ranch lingers in my mind with a giggle and an appreciation for the high desert. Several years ago, I’d been contracted to teach for a writer’s conference at Ghost Ranch. I flew into Albuquerque, NM then boarded a bus with other faculty members for a two-hour ride to Abiquiu, NM. Upon arriving at the age-old ranch and weathered buildings, I asked for directions to drag my suitcase to where I’d be staying. I instead learned my lodging was too far  to walk.

As darkness covered the earth, five of us ladies were transported two miles back a dirt road and over a cattle guard to a single story adobe home built in the 1930s. Pitch black. Nothing in the house had been . . . updated. We had one bathroom for all of us. I was a little unhappy. Although I shared a room with a wonderful lady, she wasn’t pleased with the accommodations either. We had an early morning ahead so turned out the light and tried to sleep, but a scurry of mice grabbed our attention. I snapped on a light in time to see a fat little mouse climbing over a trash can. We slept with the light on 🙂 We also vowed to return home the following morning.

I woke and opened the curtains. WOW! – A breathless view of sun-kissed rock rose outside my window and seemed to touch a cloudless blue sky. Brilliant colors of rust rose like a castle wall. I knew then I would not be leaving Ghost Ranch and miss one moment of this glorious high desert. Before leaving that week, I developed the story line for Under a Desert Sky. I returned to teach at the conference the next year with my published book and have returned to visit since over the years. No wonder Georgia O’Keeffe lived and painted at Ghost Ranch.

Hope you enjoy this adventure of a different era!

Dear Readers – No genre switch here! Just taking a delightful detour into the past with a refreshed historical romantic suspense. Don’t worry, contemporary romantic suspense is still my true love, but I couldn’t resist bringing an old gem back to life.