12 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

As we grow older, we look for new ways to celebrate birthdays for family members, friends, and ourselves. A few weeks ago, I posted a question on Facebook about how my followers enjoyed their once-a-year day. I think you will enjoy some of the responses.

The following ideas may give you unique ideas how to make someone’s birthday special.

  1. Plan a surprise family and/or friend get-together at the person’s favorite restaurant.
  2. Plan a family and friend meal that isn’t a surprise. What’s important is making sure the person knows he/she is loved.
  3. Shower the person with mailed or e-cards. Select those that are funny, serious, contemplative, and meaningful. Add a note that says why you love the person.
  4. List as many positive attributes about the person as their age.
  5. Treat the person to a photo shoot.
  6. Whisk away the person for a weekend away from home.
  7. What is the person’s favorite childhood memory? Can you reenact it?
  8. Register the person at restaurants that offer a free meal on their birthday.
  9. Take the person on an adventure or scavenger hunt. Make it exciting!
  10. Flowers are always a sentimental treat, but what about giving a tree to plant in the person’s yard? Or offer to create a flower bed?
  11. For yourself: Volunteer at a hospital, orphanage, or charitable event and don’t tell anyone it’s your birthday.
  12. For yourself: Accomplish as many acts of kindness as your age.

Birthdays only happen once a year, and although we might not be counting the years, they are special. How do you celebrate birthdays?

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Library Tip: Encourage your patrons to give you the month and day of their birthday. Post the list online or in a prominent place in your library.

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