10 Ways to Explore Your Creativity

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

Every person on the planet is creative. We’re all born with gifts and talents. These are unique to who we are and how we can use them to better serve the world. Too many people believe they aren’t creative when, in truth, our creativity is begging to be explored. We don’t have to be eccentric, bizarre, weird, or flighty. All we have to be is ourselves and let our ideas take form.

The following are 10 ways to prove you are creative.

  1. What are you passionate about? The word passion comes from the Greek verb meaning to suffer, and it refers to a person or a thing. Think about who you are and what motivates you to action.
  2. Consider your occupation. If it’s being a mom, you have unique ways of nurturing those you love. If you’re a teacher, nurse, lawyer, or president of your own company, you use your imagination to be a success.
  3. How do you spend your spare time? In today’s world, leisure time comes at a premium. How we plan and enjoy free moments is resourceful.
  4. Are you sports-minded? Whether it’s board games, tennis, bowling, or a rousing game of football, strategy feeds into your competitive nature. Friends, that’s called creativity.
  5. Do you have a reading preference? When people dive into a nonfiction book or novel, their imagination takes over. Words become images. New worlds are discovered. Adventure breaks onto the written page.
  6. Are you an excited eater or a picky partaker?  Either way, the person who sits down to a meal has distinct means of choosing which foods to eat and how they will be enjoyed or tolerated.
  7. The dynamics of dreams prove the power of the creative mind. Without the barriers of time and place, our subconscious is free to journey to worlds unknown.
  8. Communication involves a mix of ideas, intellect, emotion, and process. We communicate to those we love, respect, don’t care for, and those foreign to our culture and socio-economic levels. How we express our words indicates vision and thought.
  9. We all clothe ourselves with different colors and styles. We choose the items we plan to wear based on our individual tastes, budget, and occasion. Open up your closet and select your favorite outfit.
  10. Worship involves an attitude of the heart. We are inspired to praise God as we know Him, according to our personality and how we view His work in our lives. Some people are reserved while others raise their hands. Some appear unemotional while others weep.
You are filled with new and innovative ideas. Fill in the blank: I am creative when I _________________. Don’t be shy.  Comment below. We want to hear!

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