Christmas Songs to Celebrate the Season

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

This past weekend, two of our grandchildren were guests at our home. On Saturday morning, My husband sat at the grand piano and played Christmas songs (and we all sang) while I prepared breakfast. The fun part was discovering the favorites of an eight and a six year old

The following hit their list, and I’ve added links to YouTube versions.

I asked my husband for his favorite Christmas tune. “Would you like my Christmas Playlist that has 393 songs and lasts 1 day?”

My favorites – so many songs tell us about the joys of the biggest birthday celebration in history. Here are my current top three.

I agree with my husband that the playlist of traditional Christmas carols and songs are too numerous to name.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

DiAnn Mills

DiAnn’s Library Corner

Librarian Tip – Singing favorite Christmas Carols and Songs are a part of celebrating the season. How can you encourage a Christmas sing-a-long at your library?


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