Everyday Heroes

By Margaret Daley @DiAnnMills

This week’s blog post is written by my good friend and USA Bestselling Writer Margaret Daley

I started a new series called Everyday Heroes, and I’m excited to talk to you about the first book Hunted. I finished a long series about Strong Women and had so much fun writing about women who went through difficult, extraordinary situations. I featured different professional women from a teacher to law enforcement officer to a woman running a rodeo company.

What makes a hero? I think of soldiers, police officer, firefighter and people like Rev. Martin Luther King. But heroes are more than their profession.  A hero can be an everyday man who does something heroic/extraordinary. I asked my readers what they thought made up a hero. Here are some of the replies:

“Knows how to treat and take care of a woman”

“Someone with honesty, integrity and a love for fellow human beings and animals”

“Doesn’t need praise or thanks for what he’d done”

“Kind, gentle person”

“Loyal, self-sacrificing and protective”

“Having faith in Christ”

Certain jobs (as I noted above) create situations where a man can be a hero. But I want to show not only those professions but others. In my first book in the series, Hunted. The hero, an ex-Wall Street financial advisor, Luke Michaels, owns a horse farm. He often is involved in search and rescues with his German shepherd, Shep. He’s camping by the river when he sees a woman being thrown off a high bridge by two men. He doesn’t think twice. He runs through the woods and dives into the water to save her.

What do you think are qualities of a hero?

Thanks, Margaret! I can’t wait to read your new book.

Here are my questions: So why was the young woman thrown from the bridge? Do the killers think she’s dead? Is there a great romance brewing? I’m purchasing my copy now.



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