Lanterns and Lace


Lanterns and Lace
Series: Texas Legacy, Book 2
Genre: Historical
Publisher: DM Publishing
Publication Year: February 2016
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Lanterns and Lace

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Best-selling author, DiAnn Mills, has created a compelling, historical romance set in Texas during the late 1800s.

In this second book of the Texas Legacy series, heroine Jenny Martin believes the one thing that will guarantee her happiness is to remove her deceased sister’s daughter from the home of Dr. Grant Andrews. But she is caught off-guard when she discovers the doctor is single and attractive.

Grant is resolute in his desire to keep his adopted Rebecca in his care. Will another man’s interest in Jenny and the issue of Rebecca’s custody keep him from pursuing what could be the love of his life?

Love flowers as devious plots thicken. Then when danger stalks Jenny and those around her, she wonders if she is doing more harm than good by staying in Kahlerville.


“Lanterns and Lace is a story of the past colliding with the present, and the repercussions to those caught in the middle. This book has all the elements I’ve come to expect from DiAnn Mills: fascinating characters, a compelling story line, and a setting brought to life by a gifted story teller.” – Carol Cox

“DiAnn Mills has done it again — only better! Interweaving captivating characters with daring plot twists and turns, she once again brings us a powerful story of grace and redemption. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next from the masterful pen of DiAnn Mills” – Diane Noble

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