Exploring the Art of Plotting

Dean Mills

Exploring the Art of Plotting
Series: The Writer's Bookshelf, Book 3
Genres: Non-Fiction, Writing
Publisher: Bold Vision Books
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781946708625

Ready to plot your next novel like a master storyteller?

This how-to release by DiAnn Mills includes chapter ends with exercises consisting of prompts and questions to help you shape and strengthen an amazing story. You will be stretched, pulled, and molded, but the process will enhance your plotting skills.

EXPLORING THE ART OF PLOTTING is Book 3 in The Writer's Bookshelf - Library essentials for crafting great books.

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About the Book

EXPLORING THE ART OF PLOTTING helps writers plot a novel like a master storyteller.

In EXPLORING THE ART OF PLOTTING, DiAnn Mills explores how a plot works and how it is developed. She shows the novelist how to increase the stakes in a story and help characters overcome obstacles.

Your writing will be stretched to new horizons as you enhance your plotting skills.

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