When the Lion Roars

When the Lion Roars
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: David C. Cook
Publication Year: April 2005
ISBN: 9781589190306
Out of Print
About the Book

Out of Print

A novel of astonishing immediacy torn from today’s news! When a young girl is kidnapped and sold into slavery, an American doctor, an Arab Christian, and a Sudanese People Liberation Army officer put aside their socio-political differences to find her and set her free.These unlikely partners face the reality of a nation in turmoil, and the rampant hostility that exists between Christians and Muslims.

When the Lion Roars addresses the issues of prejudice and the injustices inflicted upon the Southern Sudanese. This adventure takes the reader from front page headlines to the heart of the African jungle in a story of faith and courage.

When The Lion Roars is recommended for fans of the following:

  • Christian Fiction
  • Christian Novels
  • Inspirational Novels