When the Nile Runs Red

When the Nile Runs Red
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication Year: September 2007
ISBN: 9780802499110
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Two men, one woman.

War-torn, disease-ridden Sudan.

One powerful God.


Paul Farid, who once persecuted the southern Sudanese, now loves the weary people whose lives have been destroyed by war.

Colonel Ben Alier has led his battle-hardened soldiers for two decades against the North, yet he pursues a relationship with his son even as his own demons pursue him.

Dr. Larson Kerr Farid works long hours caring for the sick, but fatigue and worry about her husband are taking their toll. And she’s just learned something that will make everything more complicated.

These three friends face constant danger as tensions escalate between the north and south, and as Paul’s family schemes to kill him and Larson. Will Paul and Larson bridge the gap that seems to grow between them? And will Ben find peace as more than a soldier?

DiAnn Mills introduces her many fans to the current struggle facing Sudan in this riveting account of war, ancient hatreds, love and God’s power. Sudan’s beauty and tragedy will pierce the soul of every reader.


When the Nile Runs Red has all the earmarks of a great novel: hold-your-breath plot, larger-than-life characters, with a beautiful thread of hope and valor woven through – all handled with DiAnn Mills’ accomplished voice. A victorious follow-up to When the Lion Roars.

– Deborah Raney, author of Remember to Forget and A Vow to Cherish

DiAnn Mills is a masterful storyteller who’s written a powerful tale of love, faith, and courage that could have been plucked from today’s headlines. When the Nile Runs Red puts a human face and heart on the suffering in the Sudan. This book is a must-read.

– Mark Mynheir, author of The Void.

When The Nile Runs Red is recommended for fans of the following:

  • Christian Novels
  • Christian Fiction
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