Book Clubs

Interested in taking your Book Club’s reading experience one step further? Host a DiAnn Mills Book Club! With the assets below, it’s easy.

For my featured novel, Deep Extraction, you can download an in-depth Book Club Guide! This guide includes:

  • Décor suggestions: Add some adventure to your book club and make this FBI Task Force book club stand out!
  • Menu suggestions: You will find themed menu items that fit perfectly with the fast, heart-pounding pace of my novel.
  • Icebreaker questions: These icebreakers get the conversation flowing and help you connect about my novel and get ready for a night of laughter and book fun.
  • Discussion questions: These in-depth discussion questions are great for diving into the novel and exploring the characters, their motivations, and the plot.

Download the Book Club Guide for Deep Extraction here.

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Interested in hosting a book club for a different DiAnn Mills novel? No problem! Below, find the related Discussion Questions for all my novels to start your book club’s conversation.

Discussion Question PDFs:

Thinking of hosting a book club? I would LOVE to virtually attend your event! Contact me below with your book club date to see if we can arrange a time for me to pop in and answer those burning questions you have for me, the author!


Stay tuned for what people are saying about their own experience hosting a #DiAnnMillsBookClub as we will post updates here.