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Interested in taking your Book Club’s reading experience one step further? Host a DiAnn Mills Book Club! With the assets below, it’s easy.

For my featured novel, High Treason, you can download an in-depth Book Club Guide! This particular guide includes:

  • Décor suggestions: Add some adventure to your book club and make this FBI Task Force book club stand out!
  • Menu suggestions: You will find themed menu items that fit perfectly with the fast, heart-pounding pace of my novel.
  • Icebreaker questions: These icebreakers get the conversation flowing and help you connect about my novel and get ready for a night of laughter and book fun.
  • Discussion questions: These in-depth discussion questions are great for diving into the novel and exploring the characters, their motivations, and the plot.

Do you know the 6 ways the FBI Investigates a potential Threat? Download DiAnn’s researched answers here

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In-Depth Book Club Guides:

Interested in hosting a book club for a different DiAnn Mills novel? No problem! Below, find the related Discussion Guides for all my novels to start your book club’s conversation.

Discussion Guide PDFs:

Thinking of hosting a book club? DiAnn would LOVE to virtually attend your event! Contact her below with your book club date to see if we can arrange a time for her to pop in and answer those burning questions you have for the author! You can download a list of her published titles by clicking here.


Book Clubs are loving DEEP EXTRACTION–here’s what they’re saying:

  • “So many twists and turns.”
  • “Really liked Cole. I envisioned how he looked.”
  • “I couldn’t figure out the killer. What a surprise.”
  • “The spirituality is subtle, and I like that.”
  • “SO. MUCH. FUN.”

Below are some pics and quotes from Book Clubs that have already hosted a #DiAnnMillsBookClub experience.  Stay tuned for more pics and what people are saying about their own experience hosting a #DiAnnMillsBookClub as we will post updates below.

Library Book Club From Indiana

Pennsylvania Book Club

Pennsylvania Book Club

Pennsylvania Book Club

Entrance To Crime Scene Book Club in Texas

FBI Agents Don’t Knock, Come on In

Giveaways disguised as Evidence Bags

Pick Up Your Badge

Don’t interfere with the crime scene

Getting set for drawings

It’s Not A Party Without Great Food

The FBI Bear – A Favorite Door Prize

All Comfy For Discussion Time

Your mission is possible if you ‘chews’ to accept

“So many twists and turns.”

Fun time with my Texas Book Club friends

Setting the stage for great discussion

Getting things set

The Canadian Cowgirls Book Club

Canadian Virtual Book Club Discussion

Getting table set

Crime Scene Cake

Book Club Investigator Agents












Lady Mountain Climbers Getting Ready For Discussion Time

Sharing About Important Research